The restaurant

The restaurant

Awarded one Michelin star, L’Orangerie offers a new culinary experience at the heart of Four Seasons Hotel George V. The restaurant is one of the hotel’s three dining establishments, along with Le George (one Michelin star) and Le Cinq (three Michelin stars).

Served in an intimate setting, the cuisine is light, balanced and feminine, with an emphasis on plant- and fish-based dishes, as well as dairy. The restaurant’s culinary offering is a nod to the future of dining.


The decor

The restaurant is in a modern conservatory of 7-metre high glass and–steel structure, which blends seamlessly with the architectural Art Deco style of the hotel with stunning views of the Courtyard decorated with orchids. The decor is intimate. At night, soft lighting elevates your meal under the stars of Paris.

Photo gallery
L'Orangerie © Anne Emmanuelle Thion Fleur de Vacherin
restaurant L'Orangerie du Four Seasons Hotel George V
L'Orangerie © Anne Emmanuelle Thion Homard bleu à la Nage
L'Orangerie ©Anne Emmanuelle Thion - Amuse Bouche (2)
L'Orangerie ©Anne Emmanuelle Thion - Châtaigne d'Oursin (2)
L'Orangerie ©Anne Emmanuelle Thion - Rouget en Ecailles
L'Orangerie ©Anne Emmanuelle Thion - Daurade sur le Grill
L'Orangerie ©Anne Emmanuelle Thion - Gruyère Suisse Truffe
L'Orangerie ©Anne Emmanuelle Thion - Saint-Jacques Marinées à cru (2)
L'Orangerie ©Anne Emmanuelle Thion - Mangue Roties en Feuille de Lait (2)
Our menus

Lunch Menu 75 euros

Starter, main dish to choose.

Snacked Avocado / Cabbage leaves, Chili from Reunion

Swiss Gruyere Cheese/Black Truffle, Finger Toast

Sea Urchin Egg Yolk Sparkles

Eggplant Fermented Fresh Herbs

Sea Bream on the Grill Cucumber Tapioca, Spicy Sauce

Home Made Smoked Salmon Mimosa Egg


(drinks not included, valid every day of the week)

Discovering L'Orangerie menu 95€

Starter, main dish and dessert to choose.


Snacked Avocado / Cabbage leaves, Chili from Reunion

Swiss Gruyere Cheese, Black Truffle Finger Toast

Sea Urchin, Egg Yolk Sparkles

Eggplant Fermented, Fresh Herbs

Sea Bream on the Grill Cucumber Tapioca, Spicy Sauce

Home Made Smoked Salmon, Mimosa Egg

Mananara Vanilla Infused and torrefied, Green Cardamom

Rocha Pear With Chestnut Honey, Saffron Granola

Dark Chocolate Leaves and Soufflé, Black cardamom



Undergrowth Macaroni, Fragment of Ceps Mushrooms 42€

Spicy Herbs Mochi, Goji berry 30€

Snacked Avocado/Cabbage leaves, Chili from Reunion 36€


Sea Urchin, Egg Yolk Sparkles 41€

Bay Prawn, Sushi rice 46€

Vegetal Transparency of Squid, Citrus and Imperial Caviar 52€


Swiss Gruyere cheese / Black Truffle, finger toast 48€

Gorgonzola emulsion, Pear and Paris Mushroom 32€

Sturgeon smoked Milk, Iced Beetroot Tannins 36€

Main courses


Cripsy Red Mullet Modern Stew, Peppery Horseradish 57€

Roasted Whiting Fish, Iodized Kiwi 58€

Blue Lobster nage, Steamed vegetables 70€


Roasted Mango in a milk crust, Dehydrated olives and cocoa 52€

Red Cabbage Tournedos, Petals of Tofu 48€

Eggplant, Fermented Fresh Herbs 48€



Mananara Vanilla Infused and torrefied, Green Cardamom 25€

Meringue Flower, Citrus and fresh herbs 28€

Dark Chocolate Leaves and Soufflé, Black Cardamom 25€

Marinated Kiwi, Matcha Tea, Ginger 25€

Rocha Pear with Chestnut honey, Saffron Granola 25€

Tasting menu 125€

Spicy Herbs Mochi, Goji berry

Sea Urchin, Egg Yolk Sparkles

Bay Prawn, Sushi rice

Sea Bream on the grill, Cucumber tapioca, spicy Sauce

Meringue Flower, Citrus and Fresh Herbs

Our other restaurants

Le George

Le George offers a light and modern Mediterranean-style cuisine designed for sharing, with many dishes available in half portions. A convivial, gastronomic experience, taking guests on a journey between the French Riviera and northern Italy.

Discover the restaurant / Booking / + 33 1 49 52 72 09

Le Cinq Restaurant - @Gregoire Gardette (3)

Le Cinq

Christian Le Squer is the Chef of Le Cinq, three Michelin stars. He defines himself as a creator of flavors and composer of tastes. Like a couturier or a perfumer, he shapes and assembles products products in order to enhance them and obtein the most exacting flavors with perfect coherence. An unforgettable experience combined with a wine cellar with 50,000 bottles.

Discover the restaurant / Booking / + 33 1 49 52 71 54

La Galerie @Grégoire Gardette (6)

La Galerie

A lively spot that’s buzzing from morning to night, in a timeless setting, La Galerie serves an exquisite French menu. Chef Alan Taudon creates dishes inspired by traditional regional French cuisine with a modern flair.

Discover the restaurant / + 33 1 49 52 70 06

Access and contact

Come to l'Orangerie

Four Seasons Hotel George V

L'Orangerie Restaurant

31 Avenue George V
75008 PARIS

Valet parking / Parking Vinci / Subway George V

Opening hours:
Open every day from 12:30pm to 2:00pm and from 7pm to 10:00pm.

Contact us

+33 1 49 52 72 24

Contact Presse

Public relations Departement :
+ 33 (0)1 49 52 70 76



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