The restaurant
L'Orangerie by Osmany Tavares

The restaurant

The third signature gastronomic restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel George V, L’Orangerie, one-Michelin-Star at the 2017 Michelin Guide, offers a brand new dining experience in the heart of the Marble Courtyard with its terrace, already home to the recently opened Le George (1* Michelin Star) restaurant and the three Michelin starred le Cinq. L’Orangerie offers a traditional French contemporary cuisine imagined by Chef David Bizet in a true light setting.


The decor

The restaurant is in a modern conservatory of 7-metre high glass and–steel structure, which blends seamlessly with the architectural Art Deco style of the hotel with stunning views of the Courtyard decorated with orchids. The decor is intimate. At night, soft lighting elevates your meal under the stars of Paris, all year round.

Our chef

Our Chef

A true nature lover, Chef David Bizet presents his menu like a definition of a traditional French contemporary cuisine « of elegance, refinement and femininity, and respectful of nature » in perfect harmony with the four seasons.
The colour arrangement of the food in his plates come into their own like the palette of a painter whose artistic sensibility lingers in the mouth. David Bizet receives in 2017 his first Star at the Michelin Guide. 

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restaurant L'Orangerie du Four Seasons Hotel George V
Our menus

Lunch Menu 75 euros

Starter, main dishe to choose.


Green Asparagus, black truffle « ravigote », parmesan cheese

Smoked soft egg, impérial caviar and watercress

Abalone from Finistère, seaweed, black garlic, herbaceous sauce

Line-caught whiting, hazelnut « meuniere », capers and green apple

Glazed veal sweet bread, white asparagus, chervil and red sorrel

Pigeon in a bran crust, turnips, truffle and black olive


Discovering L'Orangerie menu 95€

Starter, main dish and dessert to choose.



King Crab, lemon water and spiced cauliflower

Smoked soft egg, impérial caviar and watercress

Abalone from Finistère, seaweed, black garlic, herbaceous sauce

Line_caught whiting, hazelnut « meunière », capers and green apple

« Poulette du Perche », chanterelles, apricot, green chartreuse

Pigeon in a bran crust, turnips, truffle and black olive

Crunchy Tahiti vanilla, malted cereals

White Peach, honey of rosebush and fresh almonds

Chocolate Leaves and Soufflé, peruvian dark chocolate, black cardamom

Carpaccio de Bar mariné, fenouil sauvage, pomme rate givrée.2 @Jean-Claude Amiel


Poached Langoustine, citrus, rice espuma 42€

Abalone from Finistère, seaweed, black garlic, herbaceous sauce 38€

Marinated Sea Bass, wild fennel, frosted potato with green anis 42€

King Crab, lemon water and spiced cauliflower 30€

Smoked soft egg, imperial caviar and watercress 30€


Main courses

« Pourlette du Perche », chanterelles, apricot, green chartreuse 55€

Glazed veal sweet bread, artichoke, spring onion with soya, slightly acid tannin 58€

Pigeon in a bran crust, turnips, truffle and black olive 55€

Milk fed Lamb from Pyrénées, zucchini flower, soft white cheese 57€

Turbot shells, vegetable ravioli, fevrettes, marjoram 58€

Line-caught whiting, hazelnut “meuniére”, capers and green apple 48€

Red Mullet « à la royal », zucchini violin and black olive 56€

Blue Lobster with salted butter, radish with orange and tarragon 65€




Crunchy Tahiti vanilla, malted cereals

Meringue Flower, raspberry, peppermint

Chocolate Leaves and Soufflé, Peruvian dark chocolate, black Cardamom

White Peach, honey of rosebush and fresh cardamon

Tender green apple, refreshed cider with green anise


Tasting menu 125€


Poached langoustine, citrus, rice espuma

Marinated Sea Bass, wild fennel, frosted potato with green anis

Turbot shells, vegetable ravioli, fevettes, marjoram

Milk fed lamb from Pyrénées, zucchini flower, soft white cheese

Meringue Flower, raspberry, peppermint


Our other restaurants

Le George

Le George offers a light and modern Mediterranean-style cuisine designed for sharing, with many dishes available in half portions. A convivial, gastronomic experience, taking guests on a journey between the French Riviera and northern Italy.

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Gregoire Gardette

Le Cinq

Christian Le Squer is the Chef of Le Cinq, three Michelin stars. He defines himself as a creator of flavors and composer of tastes. Like a couturier or a perfumer, he shapes and assembles products products in order to enhance them and obtein the most exacting flavors with perfect coherence. An unforgettable experience combined with a wine cellar with 50,000 bottles.

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La Galerie

A lively spot that’s buzzing from morning to night, in a timeless setting, La Galerie serves an exquisite French menu. Chef David Bizet creates dishes inspired by traditional regional French cuisine with a modern flair.

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